Web Hosting Affiliate Programs - The No Brainer!

Web Hosting Affiliate Programs - The No Brainer!
 by: Evan Ernst

Web hosting affiliate programs give webmasters the opportunity to earn commission by referring their website visitors to a web hosting company site. When a person signs up for a web hosting package and has been referred by an affiliate, commissions are usually paid in a lump sum ranging from $30-$60.

This provides a great opportunity for webmasters with community and web development driven sites to make extra revenue. As the general public becomes more and more internet savvy, an increasing number of people are putting their first websites online.

The truth is;

The web hosting industry doesn't have a definitive industry leader.

There are a huge number of quality web hosting companies available, and most of them want to pay you to send people to them. By simply placing a small link or banner on your website and informing your site visitors of a web hosting company you recommend, I think you might be surprised at the amount of people who will click-through and check it out.

Do your homework though.

Make sure you select a web hosting company that is reputable. Check to see if your web hosting company has an affiliate program. This

way, you are speaking from experience, and you tend to provide an even more compelling reason for your visitors to choose web hosting from you.

If you are very lucky, you can find "the hidden gems" of web hosting affiliate programs. These are the programs that pay a residual commission, so you continue to earn money every month for as long as your referred client remains with that particular web hosting company. The companies that run these types of programs pay you a percentage of the web hosting costs on an on-going basis, which can add up to be substantially more than the single payment.

Making a recommendation for a web hosting provider not only provides an extra resource for your website visitors, but can earn your some very generous commissions. You have got nothing to loose from trying.


About The Author

Evan Ernst is the owner of Markethoster, a web hosting company that pioneered the web hosting affiliate program with the Residual Profit Affiliate System. Visit www.markethoster.com for more information.