How To Build Link Popularity With Your Own Affiliate Scheme

How To Build Link Popularity With Your Own Affiliate Scheme
 by: John Taylor

If you have your own product then one of the most effective ways of generating sales is to encourage other people to promote your product for a share of the profit. For the right level of reward, lots of affiliates will work hard to promote your product to their subscribers and from their own web sites.

As well as being a great way of making sales, one of the other key benefits that this strategy offers you is in building incoming links to your web site.

Just as a matter of interest check the link popularity of and you will see that there are literally thousands and thousands of incoming links from other web sites.

That's why its important that you set up your own affiliate management system to ensure that your affiliates use links that point directly to your web site rather than through a third party affiliate site such as Why give your link popularity away?

Not only does having your own affiliate management system help you to build

your link popularity, it also means that you are able to build a list of affiliates. As I'm sure you know, anyone can register with Clickbank as an affiliate and they can promote your product completely without your knowledge.

It's much better for you to have complete control over who promotes your products, how they promote them and where they link to.

There are several products that will allow you to manage and control your own affiliate scheme, when making the choice ensure that you check out that the features include linking to your domain.

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